5 Reasons to Promote Health and Wellness in the Workplace

The safety and health of employees is fundamentally important to having a successful and productive workplace.  Healthy employees equal happy employees and happy employees equals happy customers.  The logistical cycle of benefits from versatile policies implementing workplace health will provide plenty of reasons to enact incentives for a healthy lifestyle.

According to the World Health Organization, “The workplace directly influences the physical, mental, economic and social well-being of workers and in turn the health of their families, communities and society.”

Preserving and promoting healthy workplaces will not only benefit a business itself, but improve the lives of everyone involved.

Here are five reasons implementing health and wellness in the workplace can be beneficial:

1)      Healthier employees cost less

The less likely an employee is to take a sick day, the more likely they are to show up to work instead of calling in to use paid-time-off.  Additionally, healthier employees are more eligible for lower health insurance premiums.  The costs of health care services provided by companies will also decrease as fewer employees need the services.  The likelihood of fines and litigation is also lowered due to more physically fit and consciously aware employees.

2)      Improved productivity in the workplace

Being absent from work for a couple days or even a week due to illness causes a bump in productivity once getting back to work.  Catching up and making up for what hasn’t been done yet costs more time, energy, and even causes more stress in the workplace.  By having dependable and reliable employees, a company can ensue trust in and give more responsibility to employees will promote productivity.

3)      Less Stress and Improved Morale

Not having to make up for someone’s slack or absence at work leads to a lighter work load and less to stress about.  Having a clear state of mind leads to less worrying.  A stronger immune system causes less fatigue.  Feeling better and improved physical condition are sure ways to increase self-esteem.  Higher self-esteem and confidence will improve office morale and have everyone feeling motivated.

4)      Providing Positive Self-Worth and an Improved Company Image

Employees can easily influence one another.  Whether it’s a new pop culture story or office gossip, talk spreads quickly and influences strongly.  Why not give the employees something positive and beneficial to create conversation about?  Providing employees with health benefits, whether it be a gym membership or incentives to eat healthier at work, the collective interest level will expand and ultimately create a positive reaction to company initiatives.  Having all employees participate in a health-related activity will improve company image and create better self-worth amongst employees.

5)      Happier Customers

A lively, passionate, and dedicated employee is what every company wants for itself and the customer.  In most cases, interaction between customer and employee determines how a new customer feels towards a company.  Providing outstanding customer service is becoming a growing example of how well a company performs, and what the consumer’s image of a company is.  By having healthier and happier employees, customers will feed off of the enthusiasm and in return have a better experience with a company.

“The concept of the health promoting workplace (HPW) is becoming increasingly relevant as more private and public organizations recognize that future success in a globalizing marketplace can only be achieved with a healthy, qualified and motivated workforce.” – World Health Organization

Where Do You Start?

Promoting wellness in the workplace begins with selecting the right commercial fitness equipment.  There are many factors to consider including, design, features, reliability, warranties, service, etc.  Rely on fitness equipment experts like FITREV to help you choose the equipment that will best suit the needs of your employees.