COVID-19 and Fitness Center Safety

The month of January is generally a busy time for fitness centers and gyms. The reasons are quite simple; new years are when many people make resolutions, and exercising and getting back into shape usually makes it to the top of the list. However, COVID-19 has really “thrown a monkey wrench in the works” as far as socializing is concerned. This also includes gyms and fitness centers since it is a gathering place for humans. Therefore, if you are planning to hit the gym, regardless of where it is located, there are some rules and safety-related issues you will need to follow. The following are some of the main ones.


Check the Rules First

Before even thinking about setting foot in a gym, try and find out if the facility is following necessary safety guidelines. It will not hurt to call them and ask whatever questions or concerns you may have in mind. If the fitness center employs fitness staff members, ask if they have been given proper safety training.
Whichever state you live in, it is a good idea to determine what the state-mandated rules are regarding attending fitness facilities or any other institution where people gather. Once you have educated yourself regarding the rules, it will make it easier for you to ask questions when calling your favorite facility.

What to Look Out For

When attending the fitness center, always wear CDC recommended masks. Wash hands as frequently as possible. If washing is not an option, then use hand sanitizers. It is better to take any beverages you like to drink, with you, instead of using the facilities water fountain or even buying from the gym. Before using the gym equipment, clean it with sanitizing wipes. After cleaning, makes sure to dispose of the wipes properly. While at the gym, it is better not to touch your face or eyes at any time.

Find out if there have been any confirmed cases that attended the facility you want to attend. If possible, find out if there were any infections in the general area of the fitness center. Not all gyms and fitness centers are located indoors; some have outdoor facilities as well. If you can find an outdoor gym, it may be worth considering attending there instead of one located indoors.

The CDC recommends people maintain a distance of at least 6-8 feet from each other. This also includes personal trainers, even if they are wearing masks. Keep this in mind if the gym is still giving group workout sessions.  After you finish exercising, it is better not to use the facilities showers and locker rooms. The best thing to do is head back home after your work out.

Honorable Mentions

The fact is, COVID-19 is considered a new virus. Doctors and biologists are still figuring out the facts regarding this virus and pandemic. Keep in mind that healthy-looking people can carry the virus and transmit the virus. Most of the precautions you need to take are common sense items, such as washing hands frequently when going outdoors, wearing masks, not sharing food and water with people, etc. If you are not feeling well, it may be better not to go outdoors or attend a fitness center. The bottom line is to use a mixture of common sense, following rules before heading out to the gym, regardless of where it is located and how you feel.