FitRev had the pleasure of collaborating with Seminole County Schools to deliver a state of the art fitness center for the students and staff at New Millennium Middle School.
My goal for my classes and the fitness center was to provide an opportunity for my students to experience different forms of exercise that can be used for a lifetime of better health and wellness.” Said Val Gillis, Phys. Ed. Teacher at Millennium Middle School. “I wanted them to understand the importance of both cardiovascular activities and muscular strength activities, while understanding proper operation of the equipment. This way, they will have positive and effective results from their exercises for the years to come.
The goal has been accomplished.” Said Val. “With a variety of equipment available to all the student and staff. The treadmills are always a popular machine, and the rowers have also been one of the favorites. The kids like the games they can play while rowing! (of course).”
My experience with Fitrev has been very smooth and painless.” Said Gillis. ​ ​“Any questions or concerns I’ve has along the way have been quickly addressed and taken care of. They asked questions in the beginning of the process to identify our goals and took that information to develop an awesome fitness plan and layout. Great experience!